The Movement Lab story

A story of a man changing his life.

And the events that followed his transformation.

Photo by Christian Heredia

Movement Lab was founded in 2013 by Matan Levkowich. With the intention of helping individuals to improve their well-being through physical practice, Matan has traveled the world and taught seminars to people from all walks of life. But this is not where our story begins.

Our story begins with a young boy, who was fascinated by his body's potential. But at the age of 6, like everyone else, he went to school and made the necessary adjustments needed for living in our modern era aka sitting on a chair for 6-8h a day without moving. And during childhood he slowly learnt that the body is not that important.

By the age of 25, Matan was working as team manager in a promising tech company in the startup nation of Israel. A stable future was in front of him but something fundamental was not right. A restless feeling started to grow inside.

Two years later, Matan was on his way to Salzburg to study in one of the leading academies for contemporary dance in Europe, leaving the tech industry behind. And since then, he never stopped exploring movement and nourishing the relationship with his body.

And today, after more than a decade of research on human movement (contemporary dance, martial arts, somatic practices, applied anatomy, functional movement, strength and mobility and more...), Matan has settled with his family in the city of Vienna, where he is the director of Movement Lab, his vehicle for movement and life-style education.

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Photo by Christian Heredia