Malou Kalita

"I really appreciate Matan and his work. For me, he brings together very solid and precise technique and the openness and understanding of what else arises through working with the body and movement.

Matan's work helps me to explore and understand the fine details of movement, and how a small shift can have a meaningful impact on my expression.

I'd really recommend his work, since I perceive it not only to be well structured but also to be grounded in a deeper understanding of the body and its language."

Melody Shantala Sacco

"As a dancer and also mum, I was looking for ongoing practice and body research for me to stay connected and engaged with my body and in exchange with other people.

I found Matan's classes one of the best offers in town. Matan approach is sensitive, clear and very generous in his teaching, as well as a human being, he is always available and genuinely open to meet his students directly.

The movement material is accessible at many levels and leave always space for curiosity and deepening while combining structural details and space for playful improvisations. Great skills for life for everyone!"

Lukas Ziegele

"Matan's classes changed my perception on studying movement in sense that it helped me understanding how can I figure things out for myself how it works with my own body, following impulses and keeping the exploration open.

Regarding an obvious visible improvement in my practice I have to name my handstand skills and upside down movements that are linked to that. The tips and exercises that Matan gave in classes could also be practiced at home easily and helped me a lot and meant a fast improvement for me.

I can highly recommend taking lessons with him because what I felt is that it is easy to join his classes with any level or background regarding your personal movement practice. Generally speaking, the atmosphere is challenging but not frustrating. More over I have the impression he really adapts his teaching to each individual need."

Sophia Rubarth

"During Matan's classes I have learnt to pay more attention to the small and seemingly simple movements that form the bigger picture and to be patient with my body when trying out new, more complicated things.

During the different partner practices, I keep on finding similarities between the way I interact with people while moving and patterns that I tend to fall into when I communicate with people in every-day-life. This made me reflect on these patterns in a new way and get more conscious about myself - on a body, mind and social level.

I want to recommend Matan's classes to everybody who is curious about movement and interaction in any sense. He creates a space where everybody, regardless of so-far experience, will feel invited to explore her or his body."

Outi Sulopuisto

"In a nutshell, studying with Matan was not only fun and challenging for myself, but it also carries over to my work as a physiotherapist, which was great. Also, learning new stuff always illuminates how I have constructed my world this far, making the elusive obvious. This gave me the feeling of being less blind, which is satisfying."

Benjamin Klein

"I experienced Matan's teaching as an undogmatic and at the same time a methodical approach to a wide range of movement possibilities. I met Matan as a very open and curious person, always available for an exchange of experiences and opinions.

Amongst others, I have learnt to trust my curiosity, accept my limitations and allow different approaches. To work with Matan was challenging, inspiring and a great motivation to discover more."