Outi Sulopuisto - Finland

"In a nutshell, studying with Matan was not only fun and challenging for myself, but it also carries over to my work as a physiotherapist, which was great. Also, learning new stuff always illuminates how I have constructed my world this far, making the elusive obvious. This gave me the feeling of being less blind, which is satisfying."

Benjamin Klein - Germany

"I experienced Matan's teaching as an undogmatic and at the same time a methodical approach to a wide range of movement possibilities. I met Matan as a very open and curious person, always available for an exchange of experiences and opinions.

Amongst others, I have learnt to trust my curiosity, accept my limitations and allow different approaches. To work with Matan was challenging, inspiring and a great motivation to discover more."

Lisa Dowler - England

"I felt that Matan’s teaching was generous, clear and organised and it was very easy to continue to work with his ideas on my own.

Aside from supporting my evolving movement practice, Matan's teaching is a creative, exciting and fun practice in and of itself and I look forward to the next time!"

Lukas Teml - Austria

"The way Matan approaches movement is quite different from a regular fitness program. It was great to learn so many different aspects of movement like groundwork, breathing, playfulness, improvising...

I could really implement the teaching into my day to day life. I think the Embodied Living course is great for preventing injuries by paying more attention to your body and having more skills to deal with day to day situations."

Chris Ruffolo - USA

"My first encounter with Matan's work was via his YouTube channel. A quick search revealed an intriguing online library that focused on movement breakdowns instead of impressivism. Here was a man I could learn from, in an un-intimidating way.

After participating in his seminar in San Francisco in 2018 I can say that the best teachers are the ones that lift the veil between themselves and their students. This man recognises we are one in the same. My favourite workshop of the year."

Vincent E. Jonsson - Sweden

"Studying with Matan helped me to understand how to connect information from different disciplines and how to structure better my own work and practice.

One of the concepts he shared with me that help me the most was the ‘Why - How - What’ hierarchy. It helped me to make things more tangible, more complex and in the same time more simple!"