Movement Intelligence Method

A ‘search problem’ solving mechanism.

A game changer for physical well being, embodiment and fitness.

Intelligence | ɪnˈtɛlɪdʒ(ə)ns | noun

The ability to acquire and apply knowledge/skills quickly and easily.
The capacity for logic, self-awareness, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Movement Intelligence (MI)

The application of intelligence in the context of experiential situations that involve the body and kinetic energy, in relation to oneself, others and the environment.

Movement Intelligence Method

A ‘search problem’ solving mechanism - the capability to find the optimal solution for a problem in the present state while remaining aware to multiple future iterations that will arise as a result of your chosen solution. In simple words, the MI method will help you to identify physical problems by building a sustainable relationship with your body and increasing sense of awareness to its capacity, limitations and potentials.

So what is it all about?

Studying with us will be a game changer. Yes, we know that everyone wants to improve their well-being, prevent injuries/pains and better deal with current physical constraints/discomforts. But these are just the byproduct of a much more important aspect of the process - to re-find joy and pleasure in being physical, discover playfulness in relation to your body and to have access to self expression and creativity.

Humans are not machines that need to be optimised and improved. And your life cannot be composed merely by a set of goals. And for that exact reason, our main focus is to first and foremost break out of the ‘training’ framework and shift into active learning.

Our way to approach what is typically referred as ‘fitness’ is not done by mindless repetitive exercises but through an active process of research and discovery, that is much more aligned with our natural sense of curiosity.

The Study Groups

Process oriented educational programs.
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Weekly Jams

Improvise alone. Communicate with others.
Discover new ways to express yourself.

Personal coaching

1 on 1 guidance toward your personal goals.

Online courses

Explore the foundations at home.
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